ALL Players – New and Returning – MUST REGISTER. ALL TEAMS WILL TRAVEL. You will not be able to register unless you have the following ready these are required for participation:


  1. Headshot photo - ALL PLAYERS. All players are required to upload a recent headshot photo for their U.S. Club Player Pass. Please include the player’s name in the filename (ie. JaneDoe.jpg). Photos should be clear, “passport style” closeups of the player’s face.

    **iPhone/iPad Users: before taking your photo, make sure your camera capture format is set to “Most Compatible”. For instructions on how to do this, click here.        

  2. Copy of birth certificate - BRAND NEW PLAYERS ONLY! A clear smartphone photo is fine. Please include the player’s name in the filename (ie. JohnDoe-BC.jpg). 

Last day to register is June 14th. Anyone not registered by June 14th will be put on a waiting list and will be placed on a team on an as-needed basis. Only players born between 2005 and 2013 can register.

Registration will not be considered complete until payment is made. Please note that registration and payment are separate processes — please be sure you've both registered and paid to fully complete your registration. Payment options below.



Spring Season Credit 

For families who have paid for the spring 2020 season, you will be credited the full player registration fee toward the fall 2020 season as follows:


$115 credit for the first player registered for the spring

$105 credit for the second player registered for the spring

$95 credit for each subsequent child registered for the spring

Registration Fees for Fall 2020:

Player Fees

$115 for the first player registered

$105 for the second player registered

$95 for each subsequent player thereafter

Additional Fees

$20 fundraising fee per player — up to two players per family ($40 max per family)

$20 field maintenance fee per family 

Please add these appropriately to your final payment

Uniform fee - new players or full uniform replacements only:

$55 (includes jersey, shorts and socks)

Please pay with one of the options below. Make checks payable to Pitman Soccer Association:

  1. Check mailed to:
    P.O. Box 326
    Pitman, New Jersey 08071

  2. PayPal or Venmo (please only click after all family members are registered).  After clicking on the link, manually enter the dollar amount based on the number of players.